Review by Victoria Heckstall, Giveaways 4 Mom

Easy Ways to Refresh Your Home - A month or so ago I learned about a Richmond, Virginia based startup by the name of caché district. They have a mission to bring customers an exclusive collection of pure, organic luxurious cotton linens that are reasonably priced to fit the needs of today’s family. They are family owned, community focused and came up with this idea because of the lack of home décor options available to allow consumers to live a reduced chemical lifestyle that fits both their style and budget.
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Review from 'The Mommy Cooler'

caché district is an online boutique start-up, offering organic, luxurious, cotton linens.  I learned that this local business is family owned, but also community focused. The owners developed this amazing product because of the lack of home décor options with chemical free linens that didn’t break the bank.

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Review of caché district sheets by 'Attempts At Domestication'

The sheets are from caché district, an online boutique that specializes in organic cotton linens. Their mission is to provide families with high quality, organic, cotton linens at a reasonable price. Caché district is family owned and based out of Richmond, VA. I was so excited to have the opportunity to test out their sheets for my home. I’ve never been huge on the “organic” train, but after having my daughter I have started to be more conscious of the things that I bring into our home. I’ve stopped using most chemical cleaners, started recycling and bringing my reusable bags to the grocery store. So, having sheets from a company that supplies linens for families trying to reduce the chemicals in their homes is awesome. 
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